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Iec 61850 protocol basics of investing

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For many years, organisations used different protocols to provide communication and keep their network infrastructures running properly. IEC came forth from the need to unify these protocols proprietary and standardised. For mission-critical organisations this is something that becomes even more difficult. They not only need to provide seamless communication, but they also need to keep their infrastructures secure at all times. Also, IEC aims to provide interoperability, a key concept to allow for the integration and management of equipment from different manufacturers.

The reality is that the entire world is moving forward with the IEC standard. We are working on it, because we want to provide you with an interoperable solution that makes it easier to monitor your substation automated systems, their performance, events, security aspects, as well as, bring you the greatest visibility possible of your substation. Tell us your project or requirements are, we will be delighted to hear from you. You can also ask us for a demo of SGRwin — Monitoring for substation automation systems.

The standard describes an engineering process and architecture with many new advantages that will influence design, specification, engineering, operation, and maintenance. It can be said to be both the language and the infrastructure for the power system.

Utility, industrial, commercial, and even residential consumers are transforming all aspects of their lives into the digital domain. In order to be able to manage a large number of devices and to enable the various devices to communicate with one another, a new communication model was needed.

The IEC protocol standard for substation enables the integration of all protection, control, measurement and monitoring functions by one common protocol. It provides the means of high-speed substation applications, station-wide interlocking and other functions which needs intercommunication between IEDs. The well-described data modeling, the specified communication services for the most recent tasks in a station makes the standard to a key element in modern substation systems.

This part of the standard also includes the roles of different tools as well as the engineering concepts. This part of the standard includes a number of possible communication profiles, and how the services defined in IEC are mapped to the communication profile.

Communication services are described in IEC This part deals mainly with the communication facilities from client and server point of view. It includes the different possibilities of communication functionality. Logical node data model. Conformance tests and the basis for conformance documents are handled in IEC The document defines the various aspects of the substation communication network in 10 major sections as shown in Table below.

These requirements are then used as forcing functions to aid in the identification of the services and data models needed, application protocol required, and the underlying transport, network, data link, and physical layers that will meet the overall requirements. The definition of the abstract services is found in part 7.

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Communication Protocol - IEC 61850 - Part 1

Feb 19,  · Visit My Complete Tutorial On:'t miss my next tutorial by Subscribing My Channel. Please support us to make a better Web Vide. Apr 30,  · Basic understanding of IEC 30 Apr IEC is an international standard that defines communication protocols to provide communication between . II. SCOPE AND OUTLINE OF IEC The stated scope of IEC was communications within the substation. The document defines the various aspects of the substation .