betting on the spread nfl
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Betting on the spread nfl

The bookmakers are considering it, and so should you. Is it a divisional matchup? Many teams perform better when playing within their own division, and these games tend to be closer in score. Familiarity is an equalizer in football and can also impact NFL odds quite drastically. Where and when did each team play the previous week?

After playing on Monday Night Football in a different time zone, even the best teams can look a little sluggish. Cross-country travel means less time to rest and practice. If the Los Angeles Chargers are travelling to face the Pittsburgh Steelers in Acrisure Stadium, for example, that extra travel time could impact performance.

Monitor the betting spreads Waiting until Sunday morning to place your bets can result in missing out on a favorable opportunity. Know the injury reports Football is the ultimate team sport. For example, Tom Coughlin is when coaching against Bill Belichick. If you bet on the underdog, this means that they can lose by one goal or win outright for you to win the bet. They have very competitive odds and plenty of promotions. In this case, if you bet the favorite, they have to win by two or more runs.

If you bet on the underdog, this means that they can lose by one run or win outright for you to win the bet. In these types of games, favorites are given spreads between goals. This means that they need to win by more than that spread for you to win your bet. How Does Spread Betting Work? A point spread is assigned based on the projected outcome of the game.

Home-field advantage is a huge factor in the point spread. For example, if the Kansas Chiefs play the Denver Broncos at home, the Chiefs would likely be favored by However, if the game were in Denver, the Chiefs would be favored by about 4. The impact of home-field advantage depends on the team playing with it — some teams do not have as favorable a crowd or atmosphere as others.

Denver, for example, is a particularly tough place to play, given the altitude. There are other factors like injury status, current form and overall talent in the game. For example, a team might have a good record but had won numerous close games, so they might not be as good against the spread. This statistic is also worth keeping an eye on. Keep in mind, that there are other types of sports bets worth taking into consideration. What Is a Push in Spread Betting?

A push is when the final result of the game lands precisely on the number of the spread. For example, if I bet on the Toronto Raptors -4 over the Orlando Magic and the Raptors win by four, I would push my bet, which means that my money is refunded and the bet ends in a tie. Games with halves in their point spreads, like the Dallas Cowboys Favorites vs. Underdogs The favorite is the team projected to win the game.

They are assigned a point spread with a minus symbol - in front of the number, such as Pittsburgh Steelers If you were to bet on the Steelers to cover the spread in this instance, Pittsburgh would need to win by seven or more points for you to win your bet.

The underdog is the team that is projected to lose the game.

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The Heat are listed as nine-point favorites, drawing a spread of If the Heat win the game by more than nine points, they will be the winning side against the spread ATS. If the Magic lose the game by fewer than nine points or win the game outright, they will be the winning side against the spread. In the event that the final score results in the Heat winning by exactly nine points, i.

Reading a Point Spread Point spread bets are appealing because of their simplicity. In addition to the spread number, there are also odds attached to each spread. The vigorish, also known as juice, can be seen on each spread bet before placing your wager. This ensures that bettors are laying far less juice to make these types of bets than they otherwise would on something like a lopsided moneyline.

It can be seen in other sports, as well. For the favorite to cover, they must win by more than seven points. This means that the underdog must win outright or lose by exactly one point to cover the spread. Many baseball games are decided by fewer than two runs.

Depending on whether you are a bettor who looks to win one unit on a bet or you wager a unit on all bets, this has a significant impact on how much you can make on an individual wager against the spread. A unit is simply a predetermined dollar figure for your standard wager. This helps bettors minimize risk on any one bet, as sports betting has high variance. Each league is different given the way scoring is done in each sport, creating somewhat of a learning curve for spread betting.

The typical spreads available are first quarter, first half and full game spreads with some bettors also engaging in second half spreads. The NFL has a standard structure for this betting market, unlike some of the other major sports leagues. This would require the Cardinals to win the game outright or lose by less than a touchdown. The same methods are available such as quarter, half and full game spreads.

Bettors have proven to engage more in the quarter-by-quarter betting as opposed to the NFL given the fast-paced nature of basketball. They can give a more significant benefit to less gambling. Look at our NFL betting manual for a deeper study of when you should wager a Moneyline.

NFL aggregates wagering has become somewhat famous in numerous football match-ups, mainly where the spread is extremely close. However, it turns out to be more notable if the matchup focuses on a specific game style. The weather conditions can play an enormous element, and downpours, wind, and cold temperatures can influence the aggregate, risking everything and making the kitchen sink less dependable.

With many prop markets, you can find NFL wagering odds on the number of yards a quarterback will pass for, assuming you figure there will be security. As the old platitude goes, timing is everything, which applies to effective fates wagers. The sooner you tackle, the more substantial the payout will be if you win the bet.

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What Is A Point Spread? - NFL Betting Explained

Oct 19,  · Buffalo Bills () This one isn’t surprising. The Bills are widely considered as the best team in the league, so why wouldn’t they be one of the best teams against the spread. They just. AdFind deals and compare prices on fantasy football draft kit board at Browse & discover thousands of brands. Read customer reviews & find best sellers. Oct 17,  · NFL Betting Week 7 spread picks to bet before lines move. By George Chahrouri, Brad Spielberger and Arjun Menon. Oct 17, • Take the Atlanta Falcons (+): They' re not world-beaters, but they don’t deserve to be massive underdogs to a non-elite team in the Cincinnati Bengals. • Bet the New York Jets (+): While the Jets and.